car-detailingWant to give your car a healthy glow and maintain that killer finishing you can only imagine? The days of using lacquer in car detailing are long gone. Today, if you want your ride to stand out, you’ve got to have the right tools and know a trick or two. However, that shouldn’t make you believe that car detailing is only for the pros. Below are 5 easy tips for anyone considering DIY car detailing.

Avoid Acidic-bases Tire Cleaners

Although you will find many people, including some professionals using acid-based cleaners on their wheels and rims, they could cause oxidation which damages the coating and paint. While most acid-based cleaners handle the stubborn dirt, a degreaser could be an ideal option to consider.

Always Consider Hand-washing

It may seem old-school and time-consuming to do a hand wash on your car, but if you really love your ride and want it to maintain its cool finish, this is the way to go. Doing this gives you the chance to inspect the car surface, know if there are scratches or such issues. Besides this, an automated car wash can cause damages such as swirls and scratches. See more on why it is important to wash your car regularly here.

Don’t forget The Interior

While the outer look of the car is the most striking, its interior is something else you shouldn’t ignore. Just as you care about the glowing rims and the flashy bumpers, your rugs, dashboard and headliner deserve the same. You should also do regular duct cleaning to maintain a good smell inside your car. A portable compressor will come in handy when you are dusting on the carpet and duct cleaning.

Regularly Clean and Wax the Car

Ensuring that the car is always clean makes the paint look brighter and shiny. But cleaning your car isn’t enough. You need to also make sure that its surface and finishing isn’t rough. To give the surface a smooth touch, it is recommended to wax your car more often.

Avoid Using Strange Detergents
There is a bazillion number of detergents you can come across in the market today, all made with different chemical elements. If you are not a professional or familiar with a detergent, using just any could sometimes cause damage to the surface of your car. It is thus advisable to stick only to those detergents that you know of.

These tips might not be enough to make your ride a Concours champ, but they surely can make it stand out.

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